Also known as vinyl plank or vinyl tile, these floors are beautiful and functional. Two complaints about ceramic tile are:

  • it's cold (on my bare feet!)
  • it's hard (my dishes break!)

Luxury Vinyl Tile answers these two objections with ease. First, LVT does not feel cold to the touch. Why? The materials are different - tile is clay based; LVT is vinyl based. Vinyl doesn't hold the cold like clay does. So when your bare toes touch it in the dead of winter, you won't freeze!

Second, vinyl is softer than kiln-dried clay. Your dish has a much better chance of staying in one piece. Of course, we can't guarantee suitable results if you throw it down... 🙂 But it's not too soft - the table legs won't leave holes behind.


Because of the manufacturing process, you'll see any number of patterns, just like vinyl. Wood and tile are most popular, but you can find contemporary patterns. Concrete look, anyone?

IVC Moduleo Oasis

Click or Glue

LVT comes in two structural varieties: click-together or glue-down. Click together tiles or planks (if it's wood we call them planks) have a locking system to hold adjacent pieces together. Glue down means what it sounds like - they get fastened with glue. We can help you figure out which is best for you.​