Why Choose Weaver's Carpet & Tile?


We've been doing this since 1979. For a business that's been operating so long, you know that they do a good job. It's really hard to do poor work and make people happy. (Check out our testimonials for proof.)


We are not a box store. Weaver's Carpet & Tile is a family owned and operated business. In other words, we are laser focused on flooring. And we offer a personal touch — our staff know what they're talking about (or can get the answers).


We have a large selection of all types of flooring in our showroom. Sometimes people get overwhelmed with all the available selection, but our qualified staff help narrow things down very quickly.


We have a large selection of available inventory in carpet, vinyl, vinyl plank, hardwood — most flooring types. And it's not cheap junk either. We have a large selection of remnant pieces too (our remnant room is kind of legendary). 

Our installers know what they're doing. We don't use installers who don't have a clue about flooring. This is important because installation can be complex - the installer needs to know how to deal with any number of scenarios that come up.


Our pricing is competitive. We believe that if we offer quality service and good pricing, we can make you happy with your new flooring experience. And then you will tell your friends and leave a nice review.


We're local - and always have been. We don't have shareholders demanding profits or corporate offices. We just have a history of making people happy by doing good work.